Lalit Modi decides not to appear in interviews anymore, lawyers say facts being distorted


Lalit Modi who gave an interview to Consulting Editor of India Today TV to clear the air of controversy surrounding Sushma Swaraj providing him help to obtain travel documents has now denied to give interviews to any other media house.

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As per reports and later tweets by Lalit Modi, it was stated that Sanjeeb Mukherjea, Cricket Editor of CNN IBN and Sreenivasan Jain of NDTV were scheduled to interview Modi. Jain has in fact reached Montenegro where Lalit Modi is camped.

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Modi took to Twitter to state that his UK lawyers had advised him not to appear in any other interview as certain facts were being distorted.


Lalit Modi even extended his sorry to Mukherjee and Srinivasan Jain via Twitter.

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Earlier Times Now had claimed that Lalit Modi didn’t allow them to interview him as the channel didn’t sign a certain agreement with Modi.


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