Lal Bahadur Shastri’s granddaughter reminded to use google to avoid embarrassment


Lal Bahadur Shastri’s granddaughter, Mahima Shastri, took to twitter over the weekend to complaint how the successive governments (understandably all run by non-BJP parties) in the past had ignored the legacy of her grandfather.

She said, “My Grandfather Shri Lal Bahadur Shastri introduced 1st committee on Prevention of Corruption but still his name hardly on any National Asset.”

Shahstri’s criticism came amidst raging social media controversy over Bollywood actor, Rishi Kapoor’s tweets slamming Gandhi family for allegedly naming most of the prominent national assets after members of their family.

Kapoor had launched unprecedented attack on Gandhi family by saying, “baap kaa maal samajh rakha tha?”

However, no sooner had young Shastri tweeted, she was promptly reminded by twitteratis about assets and schemes named after her grandfather’s name.

Some even suggested that she should have use Google’s help before causing ’embarrassment’ for herself.


However, when one right-wing supporter questioned her why she was expecting favour from the Modi government when the late prime minister’s children ‘supported’ Congress and AAP, young Shastri revealed that her mother had always been an RSS supporter.

The user asked, ” Children of great LB Shastri support Sonia or Kejriwal and you except Modi to fulfill your dreams.”

In one of her replies she praised Prime Minister Narendra Modi, while also complimenting Anupam Kher’s friend Vivek Agnihotri as he worked ‘towards a better India !!’

Agnihotri and Kher have been at the centre of controversy over screening of their film Buddha in a traffic jam.

When other users questioned the history of her family’s links with Congress, Shastri made several desperate attempts to prove that her family was now more loyal to the saffron party than the party, which was responsible for electing her grandfather as India’s prime minister.


Some Congress supporters pointed out national assets named after Lal Bhadur Shastri, but she felt that the honour had been bestowed relatively late.



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