Lab test in Delhi shows high level of lead in Maggi


Maggi’s woes seem to be never ending as latest laboratory tests have found that Maggie noodles contain high quantities of lead and is unsafe for consumption.
The Delhi government issued a statement saying that “ten out of 13 packets tested showed high level of lead.” Reports suggest that the government is likely to form a committee to decide on the next course of action after few more reports from the lab.

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Various states including Uttar Pradesh and Haryana have ordered independent tests to check the amount of lead in the snack, with the test results of UP showing an alarmingly eight times high level of lead presence.

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Nestle India, which manufactures the noodles, contradicted the report and after conducting an independent test, said the presence of lead was within permissible limits.

Meanwhile, a Bihar court ordered an FIR against Bollywood film stars Amitabh Bachchan, Madhuri Dixit and Preity Zinta, who have endorsed the product.

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