Kuwait company sacks Indian staff Mukesh Kumar after he calls for massacre in Bengal


Several BJP leaders have come under huge criticism for resorting to spreading fake news and photos in a bid to further inflame the communal tension in Bengal.

kuwait sacks mukesh kumar

Known BJP spokesperson, Nupur Sharma was widely condemned after Janta Ka Reporter reported that she had used a photo from the 2002 genocide of Gujarat passing it off as an image of destruction from Bengal under the state’s Mamata Banerjee government.

She was later booked under several non-bailable sections for spreading fake news to cause communal tension in the state.

Few days later, the West Bengal Police arrested the BJP’s IT Cell secretary in Asansol for posting fake news, once again to allegedly disturbing communal harmony of the state.

Tarun Sengupta had allegedly uploaded a video of an IPS officer mercilessly beating a man. He passed the video off as one having been shot during Hanuman Jayanti, celebrated this year in April.

A BJP MLA from Telnagana had also given a call for repeating the genocide of Gujarat in 2002, when more than 4,000 Muslims were massacred with Narendra Modi as the state’s chief minister.

The latest in the series is the sacking of an Indian by a Kuwait-based security firm, which has terminated the job of one Mukesh Kumar after he posted hateful messages on Bengal riots.

In his post, Kumar, who worked for Al-Lewaa security force, had written, “Bengali brothers, pelase boycott Muslim traders because the current government is of Muslims. When your own government is formed, you can then freely repeat another Godhra.”

After a journalist from Delhi, Belal Khan, wrote to the Kuwaiti company informing them about their employee calling for massacre in India, the company immediately responded informing that Kumar had been sacked with immediate effect.

The company wrote, “With severe warning, this person has been terminated from our company with immediate effect and has been handed over his to the Indian Embassy.”





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