Mumbai-based comedian receives threats for video on ‘patriotism and governance’


Mumbai-based stand-up comedian, Kunal Kamra, whose video raising questions on demonetisation announcement and patriotism had gone viral, has complained of receiving threats.

Kamra took to Twitter on Wednesday to announce that some individuals had issued him threats by obtaining his mobile number and house location.

kunal kamra comedian

He wrote, “All the people threatning me for the video I put out 2 weeks ago, one more threat with my house location my no or anything of this sort. I’ll be reporting it to a cyber cell which will take full charge of finding you & penalizing you correctly. Bus bol diya.

Kamra’s video, as reported by Janta Ka Reporter, had truly gone viral with hundreds of thousands of people watching it on his YouTube channel.

The comedian alleged that unscrupulous elements had recently added his mobile numbers on ‘random’ WhatsApp groups.

He tweeted, “Adding me to random what’s app groups, abusing me will not make me love this country & become a patriot that’s not how you convert people. I understand a difference of opinion & I’m all for it. But our difference don’t allow you to threaten me. Atleast not yet they don’t.(sic)”

Kamra said that threats by individuals were unlikely to stop him from speaking up his mind in future and promised to come up with new video.

He wrote, “Also I thought all I had to say about politics in a funny way was over, but no it’s not. I’ll speak again with more aggression very soon. Fear is what you want to force brave is what you make me every time you attempt.”


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