Kozhikode airport opens after clashes


Kozhikode’s Karipur International airport opened on Thursday after one CISF soldier, Jaypal Yadav was killed in a dispute between CISF personnel and airport authorities the previous day.

A clash over Yadav, who insisted that Sunny Thomas, an official of the fire department of Airport Authority of India (AAI) undergo security clearance led to a verbal argument between the two and in the ensuing melee, Yadav received gunshot injuries and was killed. At least four others were injured in the incident.

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Kozhikode MP, M K Raghavan told a news agency that he had contacted Home Secretary LC Goyal and the civil aviation joint secretary, seeking urgent intervention from the Centre.

Meanwhile, Airport Authority Employees’ Union (AAEU) claimed that excessive frisking by CISF staff led to clash.

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“Though it (checking) is a routine, but today when AAI personnel were entering the airport, apart from normal frisking, they were even asked to open their lunch boxes, this led to some argument and then heated exchange of words,” AAEU General Secretary BS Ahlawat told a news agency.

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Even though the flight operations were hit due to the clash on Wednesday, the airport opened to function on Thursday morning.


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