Kolkata’s The Telegraph trolls PM Modi, BJP with extraordinary front page ‘WANTED’ headline for ‘THE ORIGINAL SINNER’ Nehru


Kolkata-based English daily The Telegraph has lately earned a reputation for itself for being incredibly creative with its front page headlines while taking a potshot at the Centre’s Narendra Modi government. Its Friday’s front page headline screamed, “WANTED, JAWAHARLAL NEHRU ALIAS THE ORIGINAL SINNER.’

The Telegraph

It didn’t stop here. The subsequent line stated, “Last seen on May 27, 1964.” This was in reference of the date India’s first prime minister died. Counting the ‘crimes’ Nehru has been been charged with, according to the paper, included ‘aiding and abetting China in bailing out Masood Azhar’ repeatedly at the United Nations even as Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s much-publicised diplomatic brilliance wanted a global terrorist tag for the Jaish chief.

It then sarcastically blamed Nehru for building ‘Temples of Modern India’ instead of the Ram Temple in Ayodhya. According to the paper’s ironic headline, Nehru was also wanted because he had sabotaged Modi’s ‘crusade to create 2 crore jobs.’ Another crime of Nehru was that he delivered his first speech after India’s independence focussing on ‘Tryst With Destiny’ instead of Modi’s ‘Mann Ki Baat.’

The paper also held Nehru responsible, albeit sarcastically, for not allowing Modi to deliver his 2014 election promise on Achchhe Din while also stopping him from depositing Rs 15 lakh into each Indian’s bank account. This was another poll promise of Modi in 2014 parliamentary polls.

Nehru was also declared guilty of not being able to ‘lynch fellow citizens for eating what they want to eat’ and ‘numerous other crimes against BHARAT MATA.’

The paper warned people to not approach if they saw Nehru since he was armed with ‘deadly weapons’ such as the books he authored including The Discovery of India and Glimpses of World History.’ Anyone who could sight Nehru was required to ‘immediately notify the Sheriff,’ also known as Narendra Modi. The reward for sighting Nehru was ‘1 copy of Exam Warriors written by Narendra Modi.’

As expected, journalists on social media were quick to hail The Telegraph for its creative genius.

This is not the first time the newspaper has earned plaudits from journalists. Not too long ago, while no newspaper or channel dared to question Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s glaring insensitivity to the fallen CRPF soldiers in the immediate aftermath of the Pulwama attack, the Kolkata-based newspaper had catured Modi’s real emotions through a series of so called ‘grief-stricken’ photos since 14 February.

The newspaper’s front page headline sarcastically read, “Shame on you anti-nationals! How can you question PM’s sense of grief since February 14? Almost every single day since then, he has been wearing black.”


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