Rahul Gandhi’s remark about Modi biggest joke of the year: Kiren Rijiju


Union minister Kiren Rijiju today ridiculed Rahul Gandhi for stating that Prime Minister Narendra Modi is “terrified” of him being allowed to speak inside Lok Sabha, terming the remark as the “biggest joke” of the year.

Kiren RijijuTalking to reporters outside Parliament, the Minister of State for Home Affairs also took a jibe at Gandhi, saying instead it is the Congress party which is very scared as it has to defend utterances of its vice president.

“Everybody feels that it is the biggest joke of the year that Rahul Gandhi says Narendra Modi is scared of his oratory skill. If he speaks will there be an earthquake or the balloon will burst.

“I don’t think anyone takes comments he makes seriously.

Congress itself is very scared of when Rahul Gandhi speaks as the party has to defend his words. That’s the level of threat he poses to his own party,” Rijiju said.

Earlier, talking to the media, the Congress vice president claimed Modi is “personally terrified” of him being allowed to speak inside Lok Sabha because he has information that will “explode” the Prime Minister’s balloon.

(With inputs from PTI)


  1. mr minister

    when this gang will accept the truth, any word saying by any body you people make it as fun, only your gang is true indians, shame on you, and and your whole group, desh will teach lesson , jay jay india


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