Kiran Bedi’s ‘insulting’ tweet on Tamil Nadu: Rajnath Singh assures parliament Kiran Bedi will not repeat her mistake


Amidst an uproar in parliament over Kiran Bedi’s controversial tweet allegedly insulting Tamil Nadu and its people, Defence Minister Rajnath Singh on Thursday assured the parliament that the Puducherry Lieutenant Governor will not repeat such mistakes in future.

Kiran Bedi

Responding to angry reactions from MPs, Singh said that Bedi had now deleted her controversial tweet and also expressed deep regrets. Reading out a statement from Bedi, Singh, according to NDTV, said, “What was written was a people perspective shared in my personal capacity, as it came at a time when people were hugely suffering for water in Chennai. However, I admit it was avoidable. And I should not have shared it in public in this manner and I too realised it.”

“I have therefore deleted my sharing. I have the highest regards and warmth for the people of Tamil Nadu, like I have for the people of Puducherry.”

This was after DMK MP TR Baalu said that Kiran Bedi had ridiculed the people and the entire society of Tamil Nadu. “If the government endorses her view, then it means it supports her, I request the deputy leader of the House to respond,” ANI quoted Baalu as saying.

Congress leader in the Lok Sabha, Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury, too expressed his displeasure adding that the House must adopt a resolution to remove Bedi from her post.

Reacting to the water crisis in Chennai, Bedi had tweeted, “A Question with Possible Answers: India’s 6th largest city #Chennai has become d first city in d country to run dry. The same city was in floods due to copious rains just 4 yrs back.Where lies the problem? Ans: Poor governance, Corrupt Politics, Indifferent Bureaucracy.”

Following outrage from politicians in Tamil Nadu after being accused of insulting the people of the state, Bedi had deleted her controversial social media post.



  1. Nothing wrong in what she said. The corrupt politicians, the government policies and inefficient bureaucracy is responsible for this mess..

  2. India’s water crisis is a Congress-made disaster. Bedi is right; saying it as it is.A city has a flood and a drought, all within 4 years!!!!!!! In 70 years, did the Congress ever bring water harvesting to the policy table???

  3. Lt. Governor Bedi is factually right! How else do you explain the bipolar meteorology of Chennai? Well… no politicians across the globe will applaude a frank critic on their rule. But across the nation there is an imminent water crisis propelled by politicians who have no understanding of sustainability, natural resource management and ecology. Their sole mandate is to improve their personal economics. Of course ecoprudent leadership is a rare virtue today.
    It’s a paradox that TN has had Environmental Leaders like Prof Swaminathan too!

  4. Inefficient Governance, politics and bureaucracy are at heart of all the issues in India.Kiran Bedi has been right in pointing this out, there is nothing being said which is offensive or false. Its just that the people responsible for this mess are finding it difficult to accept the blazing truth around their inefficiencies .


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