Kiran Bedi condemned for causing disrepute to office of Lieutenant Governor, demands grow for her sacking


Kiran Bedi has often been a controversial figure, more so after she came out in the open to support the right-wing Hindutva ideology.

kiran bedi condemned

When the BJP made her its chief ministerial candidate during the Delhi assembly elections in 2015, she famously began to appear in TV interviews with a blue album consisting of what she called were the achievements of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Her theatrics made her a subject of public ridicule. The voters recognised her flaws and rejected her in the assembly elections.

The former IPS officer suffered a humiliating defeat in a seat that the BJP had never lost in the past, since Delhi was granted statehood. Krishnanagar was won by AAP.

As is the norm in the Indian political set-up, Bedi was rewarded with an appointment of Lieutenant Governor of Puducherry even though her inept inter-personal skills had caused a near annihilation of the BJP in Delhi.

But, it seems, Bedi has yet to realise that she is no longer a BJP supporter, but a holder of a constitutional post, which requires her to function apolitically.

Bedi tweeted on Sunday asking people to ‘vote’ in favour of the BJP.

Her tweets said, “Please rescue Delhi. It’s now or suffer more. No more. We want Swachh Delhi. Delhi at peace with itself. A civil Delhi not crude..! Delhi stinks. Delhi is jammed. Delhi is shrill. Delhi is at war not work..Pl put it back to work friends. It’s our Rajdhani. Its NOW..”

She was tweeting in response to the announcement of the BJP’s manifesto for MCD elections. Little did Bedi realise that the BJP, her parent party, has been running the civic bodies in Delhi for last 10 years.

It’s not the first time a BJP appointed governor or LG has displayed utter disdain to the constitutional posts. Another BJP appointed governor of Tripura, Tathagata Roy, has flaunted her links with the RSS even after his appointment on many occasions in the past.

While holding the office of the Governor, Roy has repeated posted hateful and communal tweets on the microblogging site Twitter. More recently, he had refused to read portion of his speech in the assembly that stated, “Communal situation in the country is tense. Minorities and Dalits are under attack and intolerance is increasing. This is what is causing harm to peace, tranquillity, and sense of integrity which is very important for the advancement of the country.”

But, her tweets did not go down well with journalists and the parties opposed to the BJP. Demands are now growing for her sacking with journalists and politicians tagging the Rashtrapati Bhavan to sack her immediately.

Here are some tweets;





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