Ki &Ka: How many men can be real-life Ka, serving wives breakfast in bed and doing laundry?


Ki & Ka, with a catchy name and new idea of role reversal attracted many movie buffs but sadly failed to deliver. As a Bollywood movie it has good cast, music and a promise of different storyline with Ki being the man of the house and Ka trying to be the home maker.

Ki is an ambitious corporate woman married to Ka a laid-back guy who is happy to not work and take care of home, mom-in-law while Ki continues to climb her career ladder.

The idea seems fascinating to many of us women, who dream to balance work and life with the help of a supportive spouse but in reality how many of us are ready for this “womanly husband ” who doesn’t have any career but be a home husband.

Here, we are not talking about husbands working from home or husbands taking a break from work to support wives rather the husband, who have no career itself. The man is happy not to be working and be part of the rat race though he is qualified enough .

Yes we women have been doing this from ages, giving up our careers to support our husbands but how many real life men would we find trying to be like Ka? More importantly, how many Kis would be happy to have a man like Ka? A man with no ambitions, no identity of his own in today’s world where even girls are breaking barriers to create their own identity. Very few I suppose.

The movie though starts with a high note, later fails to live up to the mark. Usual story with one workaholic spouse and supportive spouse difference being the wife is the workaholic and husband the waiting spouse at home.

The movie fails to cover the more intricate and complex issues of such a marriage and ends on a positive note of “all is well.”

It resorts to symbolism like Ka wearing the mangalsutra instead of Ki. In real life things wouldn’t be so glossy but can’t expect much from a Bollywood movie.

It would have been interesting if Ki & Ka 2 is made covering more issues and story progressing on how this unusual couple cope up with the new challenges of life including parenting .

Till then, it’s good to see women going crazy seeing Ka serving breakfast in bed and doing the laundry.

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