Khushbu explains reason for name change to Nakhat Khan on Twitter, shuts up troll, who called it theatrics


Actor-politician Khushbu has never been shy of speaking her mind on social media, where she has quite a large following. Her no-nonsense approach against bigotry has often made her a darling of India’s right-wing brigade, always nimble-footed to give grief to anyone, who criticises their ideology of hate and divisiveness.


However, far from being fazed, Khushbu has often tackled the social media trolls with incredible firmness without falling in their trap. The famous actor recently changed her name on Twitter, where her social media identity now reads as ‘khushbusundar..and it’s NAKHAT KHAN for the BJP..’

Not too long ago, the actor, who’s now a national spokesperson for the Congress party, had tweeted stating how she was a ‘born Muslim’ would ‘die as one.’ She had said, “i am a born muslim n will die as one..i will never change it bcoz it does not matter..i don’t live by the rule of religion..i live by the rule of compassion,humanity,equal rights for all,empowerment;especially women,harmony,diversity n happiness..BJP has different rules i suppose. (sic)”

On Thursday, Khushbu began to face incessant trolling on social media, all over again. One user likened her decision to highlight her Muslim name to cheap theatrics (nautanki). The user wrote, “Great! Point is why the hell did she agree to be addressed as Khusboo in the first place. Tabu or Shabana and many others didn’t have to do this nautanki.”

Pat came Khushbu’s reply. She wrote, “nautanki ke you think an 8yr old could foresee that in 2018 losers n paid trolls of BJP will find an objection to my name n me being a muslim or a hindu or a christian? all this nautanki happens only under #Modi rule. kuch baat gayee bheje mein?? (sic)”

Khushbu found plenty of support from her Congress colleagues, who endorsed her decision to display her Muslim name.

Khushbu’s name has been a topic of interest for the Hindutva supporters on social media for quite some time. That’s also perhaps she’s has been a fierce critic of the divisive politics played by the supporters of the saffron brigade in India. Her one such criticism was earlier this month, when she mocked the Madhya Pradesh government’s for according cabinet rank to five Hindu babas.

Khushbu, who has won five Tamil Nadu State Film Awards for Best Actress and one Kerala State Film Award, has acted in over 200 films, mostly in south Indian languages. In Bollywood, she had started her career as a child artist and acted in blockbusters such as The Burning Train, Laawaris and Kalia among others.


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