Khattar, Modi face more heat on law and order breakdown in Haryana, twitter users say #BJPShamesHaryana


Haryana chief minister, whose administration drew considerable flak from across the country for its utter failure to contain the violence during the recent Jat reservation stir is facing more criticism now.

This is because of the recent revelation on the gangrapes of 10 women commuters in Murthal in Haryana and the alleged insensitivity shown by the state police.

On 24 February, we had reported how protesters had raped women commuters traveling to Delhi NCR by pulling them out of their cars and burning their vehicles. The news had caused widespread outrage across the country.

On Saturday, social media users took to twitter to register their protests against Khattar and his party, the BJP, which had promised better law and order during election campaign.

Prime Minister Narendra, while kicking off his assembly election campaign in Karnal on 4 October 2014, had said, “ Harayna Police will not listen to me because they are under the state government, do you want to change situations here or not?”

So you know that we are stating the truth, the prime minister’s commitment on better policing had come at 11.30 am.

More than a year on, neither has the opposition asked Modi for accountability nor the saffron party has chosen to clear its stand on this spectacular failure to fulfill one more election promise by Prime Minister.

Modi is known not to engage in two-way conversation, particularly with the journalist fraternity. The prime minister, his critics would say, is simply too clever as he knows that despite the rapid saffronisation of most of Indian media, there still remains some independent journalists, who would not miss the opportunity to hold him accountable for his ‘election jumlas.’

Saturday morning saw twitter users to fervently post tweet under the hashtag #BJPShamesHaryana. Within minutes this had become a top twitter trend.

Here is a snapshot of twitter conversation:




  1. This shameless Congi as most have done and will do, preside over division, destruction and then blame others to get political mileage. It was Congi ex chief minister Hooda whose close aide certain Virender who instigated, coordinated and orchestrated destruction of non-Jat businesses, homes and even cultural centres. In the process not just economy but social fabric of the state has been badly damaged and has created immense anger among non-Jats, who are 71% of the population. It was the same hooligans who raped women, This nasty woman’s crocodile ear fool no one, and if RaGa, Poonewall or any Congi donkey ventured any where near Rohtak or other disturbed area they would not be spared!


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