RSS-linked weekly in Kerala ‘deletes editorial’ condemning PM Modi’s vendetta politics on Kerala floods


Malayalam weekly Kesri, RSS-linked magazine, has deleted its editorial condemning the vendetta politics of Prime Minister Narendra Modi-led government on the tragedy struck of the ravaging floods in Kerala.

vendetta politics

The Kesri’s editorial, which even praised Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan, had said, “The Centre has been made aware that a significant number of Sangh followers have been affected by the floods, but the whole of Kerala is being punished for small political gains.”

The controversial editorial further added, “Without Kerala, there is none of us. Along with feelings for Bharat, each ‘Sanghaputran’ also carries feelings for Kerala.”

The BJP had suffered a humiliating defeat in the last assembly elections, when the LDF led by the CPI-M swept the polls. The Centre has till date allocated only Rs 600 crore of help, while the state government has asked for Rs 2,200 crore of assistance.

Chief Minister Vijayan had recently said that the floods had caused the damage worth Rs 20,000 crore in the state. Nearly 400 people have died so far while hundreds of thousands rendered homeless.

The floods in Kerala is being described as the worst natural calamity for over 100 years. Many foreign countries such as UAE, Qatar and Thailand have come forward to provide financial aid, but the Centre’s Narendra Modi government has reportedly rejected the offer for financial help.

The editorial published in Kesri had stated that the Modi government appeared to be acting with an element of vengeance towards Kerala in the flood relief measures, reported Indian Express. The magazine even ran a ticket attributed to its editor saying that the website was hacked to publish the editorial, critical of the Modi government.

The ticker, according to Indian Express read, “Someone has hacked into and published an article in place of the edit dated August 22 on the official Kesari website and the same has nothing to do with the weekly or its editor.”

Kesri’s editor, NR Madhu, said that its website had been hacked to insert the editorial.


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