Kerala cops asked rape victim, “Which one of them gave you the greatest pleasure?”


A gang-rape victim woman in Kerala has gone public with her story after she was sexually assaulted by her husband’s friends alleging that cops’ humiliation had forced her to withdraw the complaint.

A police officer, according to her, had asked, “Which one of them gave you the greatest pleasure?”

An NDTV report said that the 32-year-old victim spoke to reporters in Thiruvananthapuram. She said, “Far more than rape, it was the police threats and humiliation that was unbearable.”

Kerala cops

The woman first shared her story with prominent dubbing artiste and activist Bhagya Lakshmi, whose Facebook post has gone viral prompting even Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan to respond.

“She told me it’s fortunate that Jisha and Soumya died or they would have to face repeated humiliation,” Bhagya Lakshmi wrote in her post.

Vijayan and Kerala police chief are likely to the victim on Thursday.

The woman said that in 2014 she was at home in Thrissur as her husband was away. Four of her husband’s reportedly came to her house informing that her husband was in hospital urging the woman to accompany them.

But, the woman was taken to a place outside the city, where the men took turns to rape her with one alleged rapist including a politician.

The woman said that she confided in her husband in August this year. He asked her to report the matter to police.

She said, “I was called to the police station for four days continuously and made to sit there from morning to evening. I was asked humiliating questions. They later gave me a letter to produce before the magistrate and forced me to withdraw the case. They made me sign papers but I don’t know what was in it.”

“They threatened to kill my children if I spoke out the truth. When the magistrate asked me if there was any pressure on me, I cried,” she said.

“The language of the police is problematic. Though they are educated well, they behave cruelly to the victims. We will speak to the chief minister about this issue also,” Bhagyalakshmi told Manorama Online.


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