69-year-old nun’s murderer admits killing one more, Police


A day after Kerala Police revealed that a man arrested from Haridwar for killing and 69-year-old nun at her convent in Kottayam (Kerala) had a fetish for nuns, nun’s murderer told the police he had killed another nun in April.

Satish Babu, 38, was arrested from Haridwar last week.

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A police official probing the present murder told reporters on Tuesday in Kottayam (Kerala), “Our probe and questioning have now revealed and he has admitted to have killed another nun at a convent in the same district in April this year. We have registered a separate case.”

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Police had brought Babu on Tuesday to the convent where he had killed Sister Amala, 69, using a wooden club on 17 September.

Following the latest revelation that Babu had hit 83-year-old Sister Jose Maria at her convent room at Erattupettah near here in April, the police would now exhume the body that was interned at her parish.

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It may be noted that Sister Maria had been found in an an unconscious state in April. She was moved to a hospital, where she passed away after a few days. It was viewd to be natural death.

Police have gone on record after their detailed questioning that Babu had a peculiar fetish for nuns and he derived some sort of sadistic pleasure while attacking elderly nuns.

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He has also confessed of conducting thefts in a few convents in Kottayam district.

Babu was arrested in Haridwar last Thursday by local police after the Kerala Police traced a phone call made by the accused to his brother in Kasargode town and was brought to Kerala, Sunday.


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