Kerala Police arrest sick cyber bully who gave grief to brave Hanan Hamid for selling fish in college uniform


The Kerala Police on Saturday arrested a boy, a cyber bully, who had allegedly started the trolling campaign against 19-year-old Hanan Hamid for her decision to sell fish after college hours.

Hanan Hamid

The boy arrested has been identified as Noorudeen Sheikh. His arrest has taken place just a day after Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan took a dim view of Hamid’s trolling and directed the state police to take strict actions against the trolls.

“It is a feeling of great pride to study by standing on your own legs. The happiness one gets by fulfilling the costs of education by working is immense. People who have lived through such circumstances would understand that. But the position of Hanan, who lives in Kochi, is above all that. Hanan is not just working to support herself but also her family. I feel proud when I understand her circumstances. Hanan, you must walk ahead with courage. Do not lose the self-confidence you used to face difficult situations. I am with you. Kerala must support her,” Vijayan was quoted Malayalam daily Matrabhumi.

A police official said that Sheikh was being questioned and a complaint had been registered against him. He has been charged under various sections of the IT Act, besides provisions attracting non-bailable offences, reported IANS.

Hamid became a topic of intense discussion across India and even abroad after a group of cyber bullies began to target her for selling fish outside the college hours in her uniform. Far from sympathising with her personal circumstances, she was constantly mocked.

A final year graduate student of Chemistry studying in a college near Kochi, Hamid became a source of inspiration for millions after a local newspaper, Matrabhumi, reported how she was going out of her way to not just fund her education but also earn livelihood for her mother, separated from her husband.

The paper also reported that Hamid had also acted as a junior artist in several films in Kerala to support her family. Faced with constant mocking, Hamid on Friday broke down before the media, who she shared her woes with. She said that she would wake up early in the morning to buy fish from the wholesale market and sell them after her college was over. The distance between her home in Kochi and college in Idukki is 60 kms.

Sheikh had first taken selfies with Hamid before he posted them on social media. What was sickening about Sheikh’s approach was that when he took the selfie with Hamid, he pretended to show his admiration for her courage in the face of constant struggle. However, later he launched a nasty campaign against her and posted the pictures questioning her condition, after she was also seen in a few pictures with superstar Mohanlal.

Soon Sheikh’s post went viral and Hamid was slammed as “a fake and doing all she did only to impress to superstar Mohanlal to land a role with his son Pranav Mohanlal in an upcoming film”.


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