Kerala Governor Arif Mohammad Khan’s shocker, calls protesters during his speech ‘dirty stinking potholes’


Kerala Governor Arif Mohammad Khan has made a shocking statement in a bid to please the ruling BJP government at the Centre by calling a group of protesters during his speech ‘dirty stinking potholes.’

Khan, a known BJP sympathiser, was addressing a crowd in Kerala on Saturday when a group of people in the audience began to protest against him for supporting the anti-Muslim amended Citizenship Act. Frustrated by the continuous heckling, Khan said, “You can’t shout me down.” Someone in the audience shouted, “You are lying.”

Mohammad continued with a shocker as he said, “Mulana Azad had said in the first convocation for people like you that the partition washed away the dirt but left dirty water in potholes. A stinking smell is coming from there. You are causing a foul smell.”

Khan was in the news over the weekend after he accused renowned historian Irfan Habib of heckling him during his speech at the event organised by the Indian History Congress. Khan had taken to Twitter to write, “Shri #IrfanHabib tried on stage to disrupt inaugural address questioning Hon’ble Governor’s right to quote #MaulanaAbdulKalamAzad, shouting that he should quote Godse.He pushed Hon’ble Governor’s ADC&SecurityOfficer, who prevented his unseemly gesture #IndianHistoryCongress.”

In the video broadcast by News18, Habib is seen rising from his seat and objecting to Khan’s remarks. To which, Khan reacts angrily asking if Maulana Azad was the property of Habib.

Habib had later said that Khan was not invited by the Indian History Congress to address his political audience. The Hindu newspaper quoted him as saying, “The Governor was not invited to speak on CAA and the time of IHC is not for wasting,” Habib was quoted as saying.

Like other parts of the country, Kerala too has experienced protests against the CAA with protesters accusing the Centre’s Narendra Modi government of working on a plan to declare millions of Muslim citizens of India stateless by calling them illegal immigrants.


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