Kerala girl cancels wedding for dowry demand, becomes Facebook sensation


A girl in Kerala has cancelled her marriage after her to-be in-laws demanded dowry from her families.

Remya Ramachandran from Thrissur, Kerala, canceled her wedding after the groom demanded money and gold as dowry before announcing her decision on Facebook.

Her message in Malayalam on the Facebook page said, “Friends, Here is an announcement for people asking me about my marriage. The man, who used to say, before the engagement, that he needed just me, is now demanding Rs 5 lakh and 50 sovereigns of gold. Since I’m completely not in favour of dowry and believe it will be a losing proposition to buy into a family that cannot keep its word, I have decided to cancel this alliance. Thank you.

Dowry is strictly prohibited by law under the Dowry Prohibition Act, 1962, in India and is a punishable offence but the practice continues to be rampant in the country.

Remya’s message was shared more than 1400 times and received over 4500 likes.

Overwhelmed by support on social media, she took to Facebook again to thank them.


She wrote,”Dear friends , Thanks for your huge support . I’m overwhelmed . I juz wanted to let my circle know about cancellation of marriage ,never expected this to be a break . Meanwhile I would like to explain that it was my declaration of a decision .Never had an intention to hurt anyone specifically.

Please dont use my post for personalized humiliation ,instead use it against our social norms. People are ignorant for their own convenience and profit. Thank you once again (sic)”



  1. I hope that is not a case of Nisha however the dowry term itself need to revisit , gal parents look for a guy with good finanicial family , good govt job , own a house , on a car , house maid should also be count in reverse dowry . there is still a time to come when gal parent just look for boy not a above said complete package


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