Kejriwal’s office clarifies on electricity bill, questions over the bills of Modi, Jaitley and Fadnavis


On Tuesday, media reports suggested that an RTI reply showed that Delhi CM Kejriwal’s electricity bill exceeded Rupees one lakh in two months.

According to reports, documents procured by RTI activist Vivek Garg showed that Kejriwal had received two electricity bills worth Rs 55,999 and Rs 65, 780.

Arvind Kejriwal’s media advisor Nagendra Sharma later claimed that the results of the RTI enquiry into the Delhi Chief Minister’s power bill were being ‘wrongly shown’.

“A combined bill of the camp office, janata darbar hall and his home for two months is being wrongly shown. The figures are not verified yet,” he said.

The Aam Admi Party later issued a press release which said the following:

“It has been reported in the certain sections of the media that the electricity expenditure for three months of Chief Minister Residence has come to around Rs.1 lakh. It is hereby clarified that 6, Flag Staff Road, Civil Lines, Delhi was allotted as residence for the Chief Minister, Delhi on 28.02.2015. A portion of the premises was allocated as the private residence of the Chief Minister and separate electricity connection was installed for the same.

The Chief Minister shifted to this portion towards the end of March, 2015. The expenses on this electricity connection are as under:- 1. March, 2015 1851 Units Rs.17000/- (including consumption on renovation/repair work) 2. April, 2015 914 Units Rs.7370/- 3. May, 2015 2510 Units Rs.22,690/- 2. The General Administration Department created some facilities for the Janta Samvad, Office work and other peripheral activities relating to function of Chief Minister’s Office in the same premises.

Separate electricity connection was installed for this portion and the monthly consumption of electricity of this connection is as per details below:- 1. March, 2015 1650 Units – Rs.15175/- 2. April, 2015 5047 Units – Rs. 48,630/- 3. May, 2015 Yet to be paid. It may be seen that the monthly electricity expenditure on the residence of Hon’ble Chief Minister, Delhi is to the tune of approx. Rs.15,000/- per month and nowhere close to the figure being reported in the media.”

Speaking to a news agency, Kejriwal’s media adviser Nagendra Sharma also alleged that the opposition was spreading misinformation regarding the Aam Aadmi Party ( AAP) chief’s electricity bill to divert attention from real issues.

An AAP leader also mailed the clipping of a newspaper that had the electricity bill owed by various ministers in Maharashtra government.

According to this clipping from Midday’s 17 April edition, the Maharashtra CM Devendra Fadnavis had an avergage monthly bill of Rs 1 to Rs 1.5 lakh and he owed more than Rs 13.90 lakh in March 2015. (See the list below.)


 Fadnavis wasn’t the only BJP leader whose inflated electricity bill came for scrutiny. The AAP supporters soon began to circulate the electricity bills of Prime Minister Modi and his finance minister Arun Jaitley, who reportedly had Rs 21 lakh and Rs 4 lakh worth monthly electricity bills to pay respectively.



  • Positive or false news propaganda will only give mileage to Aap as preamble for the AAP ruling India in the next decades. As also the heavenly authority requires, Cannot stop even the opposition parties & paid medias helping the aap in disguise for the anti corruption party to do the best for our Nation and rule the world.

  • Shrinivas

    As Usual BJP’s Plan Misfired Once Again. Poor Party. Some times BJP looks like its still a Baby in the world of Politics. As usual No homework done before putting it in Papers.

  • Harbirender

    Again – I commend Janta Ka Reporter (As I did in my last comment) to have courage to show to correct news and not put false reports on the website. I was a great admirer of media once but in last few years it seems business more than a communication channel. So I appreciate Janta Ka Reporter to show us a positive side of media…..I am already a fan of you guys (I live in USA and trying my best to advertise for you guys)