Arvind Kejriwal’s full speech, demands PM Modi’s resignation


Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal spoke at length in the assembly on Tuesday. In a specially convened session of assembly, the Delhi chief minister went full throttle in his tirade against Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

In his most brutal attack against Modi yet, he demanded his resignation for misusing the office of CBI, which ‘reports to the office of prime minister.’

He warned Finance Minister Arun Jaitley, currently facing the heat in DDCA corruption case, to be ready for comprehensive grilling in January in a defamation case filed against Kejriwal and other AAP leaders.

Kejriwal’s speech on Tuesday was arguably the most stinging attack against PM Modi. His speech was replete with powerful one-liners, which will continue to cause ripples in the political circle of Delhi for some time to come.

Here are the highlights of his speech:

  • If the corruption was in education department, then why did the CBI not go there?
  • Why did they not go to VAT department?
  • Rajendra was just an excuse, the real target was me
  • Rajendra has been interrogated for more than 50 hours
  • A tea vendor (Modi) wore suit worth 1o lakh rupees, This officer (Rajendra Kumar) earns Rs 2 lakh monthly and they found 12 bottles of alcohol
  • Now media will run headlines that ‘Kejriwal protects corrupt babu,’ but can someone tell me where’s the corruption
  • I’m the only CM who sacked his own cabinet minister
  • My job is not just to sack a corrupt but my job is also to protect innocent
  • The raid was to harass Rajendra ji to find out which DDCA officer used to come and visit me
  • I demand resignation of PM Narendra Modi for wrongly raiding my office and misusing CBI to settle personal scores and protect Arun Jaitley
  • What PM did was shameful, it’s against the spirit of federalism
  • A CBI officer recently told me that he had instruction from the top to discredit everyone who didn’t fall in line with PM
  • Gujarat model is in operation by Modi ji. Gujarat model is to either buy opposition or finish them
  • I want to remind PM, you can frighten other leaders, not me. You’ve dialed wrong number
  • This prime minister doesn’t care about country. His real intention is to travel around the world
  • First he didn’t get the visa, now he’s fulfilling all his wish
  • Their own MP Kirti Azad said in the video corruption was rampant, their boss (Jaitley) admitted he will protect the culprits
  • If they (Jaitley and others) are innocent, why are they hesitant to come before commission of enquiry
  • We didn’t get frightened by CBI raids, why are you scared of commission of enquiry
  • I still want CBI to be independent, but the day the CBI is independent it will first raid Shivraj Chauhan
  • An independent CBI will first raid Modi to question how he wore suit worth Rs 10 lakh
  • I’m grateful that Jaitly ji has filed defamation against me. He’s axed his own feet
  • Our lawyers will cross examine Jaitley ji, that will be some spectacle country will witness
  • Jaitley ji so scared that he needed 5-6 ministers to accompany him to file case against me
  • For cross examination, Jaitley ji will have to call for Barack Obama’s help
  • I’m requesting Jaitley ji to cooperate with the commission of enquiry
  • I’m the 1/4th chief minister of a half state, and yet they get nightmare about us


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