Kejriwal trolls Modi on controversial claims to represent 125 crore Indians


Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday asked users on social media to send ideas for his Independence Day speech on 15 August this year.

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 He tweeted, “My 15th Aug speech should represent the voice of 125 crore Indians. Share your ideas for the speech, on Mobile App.”

Modi, in his famous 15 August speech last year had claimed to represent 125 crore Indians implying that his party did not distinguish people based on their religious backgrounds. Since then, he’s repeated 125 crore claims on numerous occasions.

Kejriwal trolls Modi

This assumed significance in light of the rising religious intolerance particularly perpetrated by members from Modi’s own party, the BJP.

His silence on the brutal lynching of a Muslim man, Mohammad Akhlaq, allegedly by BJP members brought his 15 August speech to limelight with many detecting a glaring hypocrisy in what the prime minister said and how he followed his words with action, or lack of it.

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The issue came to fore once again when the atrocities by right-wing groups against Dalits and Muslims gained considerable momentum in the recent past. Dalits have been staging protests in Uttar Pradesh and more crucially in Modi’s home state, Gujarat, for several days against the brutal thrashing of four youth from their community in Una recently.

In the last one year, there have also been several incidents of violence and vandalism against Christians in another BJP-ruled state, Chhattisgarh.

Modi was recently ridiculed for sending condolences to an act of brutality in foreign land while remaining adamant to not speak on the excesses committed by his supporters against Dalits and Muslims.

This led many to question if Modi indeed represented every Indian regardless of his/her faith.

With this mind, it wasn’t surprising that Modi began to be trolled for his latest tweet on ‘125 crore claim’ once again.

Leading the pack, once again, was Delhi chief minister, Arvind Kejriwal, who wrote, “Sir, pl speak on dalit atrocities, gau rakshks, kashmir, akhlak, farmer suicides, daal price. Ppl dying to hear u on these. (sic)”

Here are some other reactions:

Bhumika Kochin: 56 inch is all gas? 100K Cr scam? PM maligned army veterans for mere 8K Cr of #OROP. @narendramodi

Rushit Makwana: All Bhakts who believe in Modi MUST invest in Modi’s gold schemes. @narendramodi

Atta Farib: Your minister insulted our #Army_Veterans. Why are you silent? @narendramodi @Music_mylife65


  1. Sir Kanjarwal please speak on reservation also, whether reservation should be on financial standing of the individual or on an individual’s religious line. And also please if you get time please talk about your tangible achievements if any.


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