Kejriwal taunts Modi: Will you tell the nation why you failed miserably at NSG despite so many foreign visits?


Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal on Saturday taunted Prime Minister Narendra Modi asking if he would include the topic of India’s failed attempt to get NSG membership in his monthly radio address on Sunday.

Kejriwal asked, “Sir, I hope u will tell the nation tomo why did u fail so miserably at NSG despite so many foreign visits (sic)?”

The Delhi chief minister was responding to Modi’s tweet asking people to join him for his radio address, Mann Ki Baat, on Sunday morning.

His next tweet in Hindi said, “Everybody’s business has collapsed while Adani’s assets are gaining values. What about the business of aam aadmi. When will that grow?”

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Dinesh Mohaniya was unceremoniously arrested and dragged in full public view on Sunday as he addressed the media at his office. This prompted the Delhi chief minister to term it as another emergency by Modi.

The incident took place on the 41st anniversary of the anniversary. was first to highlight how many countries where Modi had visited in the recent past had openly opposed India’s bid for the membership at the prestigious Nuclear Suppliers’ Group. This then snowballed into a huge controversy as the prime minister’s detractors began to embarrass him dubbing it a failed foreign diplomacy.




  1. Recall the recent incident of “toppers” of Bihar. Throughout India there are numerous such “toppers” over past years that must have made their way into public office of power and responsibility. Assuming elements like these Bihar toppers make their way to say Prime Minister or Minister of Education (which is by no means impossible!) could they possibly perform?? How are we sure that this abject foreign affairs failure is not related to the context just being referred?


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