In election mode, Kejriwal skips annual NCC R-Day parade


Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, who has been away from the national capital campaigning for his party in poll-bound states of Goa and Punjab, skipped the annual customary National Cadet Corps Republic Day Camp this year.

Sources said Kejriwal was supposed to attend the NCC Republic Day Camp on January 9 but cancelled his scheduled visit.

“The Delhi Chief Minister was supposed to pay a visit to the NCC camp. He cancelled his visit and thereafter there was no communication from his office,” a defence ministry official said.

Kejriwal, however, attended the Republic Day function organised by the Delhi government today.

Since the NCC R-Day camp is held in Delhi, it is customary that the Delhi Chief Minister takes the Guard of Honour.

When Kejriwal became the Chief Minister for the first time, he took Guard of Honour at the NCC R-Day camp in January 2014. He also visited the NCC Republic Day Camp in January 2016.

Kejriwal, whose party is seeking to wrest power in Goa and Punjab, has been camping in the two states.

Interestingly, Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar too postponed his visit to the NCC Republic Day camp from January 21 to 25.

Parrikar, a former Goa Chief Minister who led his party to victory in 2011 polls, has also been busy campaigning in his home state. Goa goes to polls on February 4.

The NCC Republic Day parade is usually inaugurated by the Vice President.

Apart from the three service chiefs and the Defence Minister, the R-Day camp is also attended by the Minister of State for Defence.


  1. This man AK tries to win at any cost. He is not able to face defeat. In case fails will come with excises on Modi. Man without policies and vision.


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