Kejriwal seeks time for meeting with Singh to discuss pollution, Punjab CM snubs


Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Wednesday sought a meeting with his counterparts in Punjab and Haryana to discuss ways to tackle the alarming air pollution levels in Delhi. Punjab Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh, however, snubbed his meeting meeting request by saying that the alarming rise in pollution was not a matter of ‘inter-state’ discussion.
Arvind Kejriwal

In his tweet Kejriwal had said, “My office continuously trying to take time from CMs of Punjab n Haryana for me to meet the two CMs. Its an emergency.”

To which Singh replied, “Share your concern over stubble burning and pollution @ArvindKejriwal, Centre alone can solve the problem given its national implications.”

Kejriwal agreed with his Punjab counterpart but insisted him to at least ‘grant’ him time to discuss the issue.

He wrote, “I agree sir that Centre shud take lead. But pl grant me time to discuss if together we can present a plan to centre. Del is choking sir. Sir, it wud be best if we met. Cud u kindly share estimated funds reqd? Both of us together can urge centre. It will help ppl of both states.(sic)”

Singh wrote, “Situation is serious but Punjab helpless as problem is widespread & state has no money to compensate farmers for stubble management. It is not a matter for inter-state discussion, that won’t help. It requires central govt intervention, at the earliest.”

Earlier Kejriwal also wrote letters to Singh and Haryana Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar stating that the governments in the neighbouring states had failed to provide farmers with viable alternatives to stubble burning, a process that leads to air pollution in Delhi.

Delhi’s air quality was the season’s worst on Tuesday as the combined effect of smoke from stubble burning — setting fire to straw stubble after a harvest — and moisture turned the city into what Kejriwal called a “gas chamber”.

“You are aware about the poor air quality in Delhi. It has become difficult to breath. Delhi has become a gas chamber and I had to order the closure of schools in Delhi to save young children from the adverse effect of poor air quality,” Kejriwal said in identical letters to Manohar Lal Khattar of Haryana and Captain Amarinder Singh of Punjab.

The Delhi chief minister said one of the main reasons for the poor quality of Delhi’s air this time of the year was the stubble burning in Punjab and Haryana.

“Farmers are helpless. In the absence of any economically viable alternative, they are forced to burn stubbles,” Kejriwal said, adding that the governments had failed to provide them with viable solutions.

Kejriwal also offered to jointly work with Punjab and Haryana to resolve the issue “in a spirit of mutual cooperation in larger public interest”.

“In this connection, I want to meet you in the next couple of days for a discussion. I invite you to my office or I can come to you. Please let me know your convenience,” he added.


  1. The efforts of Kejri are genuine andshould be supported. However, other parties are looking for political gains. This is unfortunate and sad as peoples problems are being subjected to political opportunism


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