I’m no Sheila Dikshit, won’t let PM sleep peacefully if rape doesn’t stop: Kejriwal


Delhi chief minister on Sunday launched a blistering attack against Prime Minister Narendra Modi over the control of Delhi police in the wake of growing incidents of crimes against women in the capital.

Speaking to reporters after meeting the Lieutenant Governor, Najeeb Jung, Kejriwal told reporters, “I’ve said it before and I’m repeating it again. Prime Minister should give us the control of Delhi police at least for a year. He can take the control back if we are also unable to improve law and order in the capital after a year.”

Kejriwal warned Modi that he was ‘no Sheila Dikshit( former Delhi chief minister)’ adding that growing incidents of crimes against women and female children in the city will ‘not be allowed to carry on.”

He said, ” There’s a jungle raj in Delhi ever since Modiji came to power. Pradhan Mantri yeah jaan lein ki main Sheila Dikshit nahi hoon aur agar Dilli mein rape nahi ruka to main unhein chain se sone nahi doonga (Prime Minister must remember that I am no Sheila Dikshit and I will not let him sleep peacefully if incidents of rapes don’t stop in Delhi.”

Kejriwal has called for an urgent cabinet meeting on Monday to discuss the recent surge in rapes in Delhi.

His comments come a day after four more incidents of rapes including a gangrape were reported in Delhi.

On Saturday, two girls aged 5 and 2 were gangraped in the capital. Police on Sunday said that they had arrested two suspects- both juveniles- in connection with the gangrape of 2 year old toddler.

During his meeting with Jung, the Delhi CM was reported to have said, “I asked the police commissioner for full information on beat constables but the he refused. What is so secretive?  Of 13,000 cases, just 146 were convicted. So rapists know that in Delhi, if you rape, there’ll be no punishment,”

The recent increase in the number of crimes against women and female children has reignited the debate on the control over Delhi police. The capital’s chief minister, Arvind Kejriwal, is likely to meet the Lieutenant Governor, Najeeb Jung, later today to discuss the law and order.

Kejriwal on Saturday asked PM Modi to hand over the control of Delhi police to the elected government at least for a year.

Delhi, in recent years has acquired the status of being the rape capital of India. According to the National Crime Record Bureau data, Delhi, where the police is under the control of the central government, it registered the most number of rapes in 2014. Total number of rapes reported here was 2096 while the number of sexual offences committed under the IPS was 7849 in 2014.



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