Kejriwal makes emotional plea, seeks help from media, opposition on tackling dengue


Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal on Friday made an emotional plea to both media and opposition parties to help Delhi government in its efforts to tackle dengue crisis in the capital.

He said, “I’m writing to all opposition parties to give us suggestions and also actively participate in our efforts on dengue leaving politics aside.”

In another tweet, the Delhi chief minister ‘thanked’ media for keeping the government on its toes through pointing out ‘our shortcomings so that we can improve. His tweets read;

Earlier on Friday he had requested PM Narendra Modi and the central government to set aside the politics while Delhi was facing dengue crisis.

Responding to the LG’s letter that instructed civil servants to defy the ‘illegal orders’ of Delhi government, Kejriwal said, “In his order to IAS officers, LG says that the Central Govt has asked him to do so. Delhi is going through a Dengue crisis and we are tackling it. Request Central Govt to cooperate right now and fight later.”


  1. Heights of Shamelessness…

    Not even a SINGLE BJP Leader is found joining the Fight against Dengue in Delhi,… Is only Kejriwal responsible for everything ?? What the Hell is Modi n his Useless Sycophants doing ?? SLEEPING ??

    Amidst this Crisis, all BJP finds appropriate to do is PLAY CHEAP POLITICS !!

    I SPIT ON BJP GOVT and its Puppet LG !!



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