Kejriwal demands answer from Modi after Paytm chief’s video goes viral


Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal has slammed the Paytm boss, Vijay Shekhar Sharma, for the display of insensitivity and arrogance during the company’s annual party.

Kejriwal demanded an answer from Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who was blamed for endorsing the e-wallet company through series of full page advertisements soon after the announcement on note ban.

विजय शेखर

Reacting to Janta Ka Reporter story, Kejriwal tweeted, “This is shameful. Modi ji owes an answer to the nation why he supported this company at the cost of ordinary citizens.”

In the video, now gone viral, Sharma is seen using abusive language and flaunting his sudden success in short time.

At one point he says, “What others couldn’t do in 10 years we achieved in just one year.”

His rant, perceived to be utterly insensitive at a time when millions have suffered due to note ban and close to 200 people have lost their lives, continues in the video. Sharma goes on to warn those who will not be with him adding that ‘they will cry.’

Those in the know of corporate culture, may find his behaviour throughout the video in extremely poor taste and unbecoming of a top executive of a successful company.


  1. His bad days count down now. Useless he see fun when millions infian citizen stands in quee for withdraw of their hard earned money, they all will curse you. You have drown down with sudden sucess due to govt policy which favoured you, and achived who cant achived in 10 years, but wait nothing is permanent it may vanished in few second also ! Dontunder estimate power of common people and dont make fun of our sufferings.!

  2. How is that supposed to be anti-Indian? He is just trying to boost his employees morale. That’s how aggressive competition works. This is how it is always done in start-ups in USA. Its basically promoting the thirst for success amongst employees. How else do you expect them to sit for hours without speaking about labour laws? If Indian CEOs dont do this, the Chinese will and Kejriwal won’t be able to affect them.

  3. What’s wrong with his behavior ? Nothing. He created something and is celebrating it with his company ! It’s an ecstatic moment of success, which they deserve. It’s a private event and frankly use of abuses as an exclamation mark or as an underline to emphasize something is not something new. He wasn’t disrespectful of anyone.

  4. He is burning Capital in the fond hope that he will make money some day.
    This is not business. This is how spoilt heirs of erstwhile business groups used to be kept busy with smaller group companies, to preempt them doing any harm to the flagship company.
    With UPI and USSD coming into play there may not be very much for him to be happy about..


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