Kejriwal government delays slashed bus fares implementation


People taking public transport in Delhi will have to wait for some more time to travel in DTC and cluster buses on reduced fares as the government has “sought comments” from its departments on slashing charges by 75 per cent.

“Government has sought comments on the file pertaining to reduction in fares from departments. New fares are expected to come into effect next week,” a government official said.

bus fares

The reduced fares – aimed at encouraging people to use public transport – were to come into effect from tomorrow for a month, but with the late government move that seems unlikely now.

The city administration has planned to reduce monthly bus pass rates from Rs 800 to Rs 250 for non-AC buses, and from Rs 1,000 to Rs 250 for AC buses.

There will be a flat fare of Rs 5 in non-AC DTC and cluster buses, while it will be Rs 10 in air-conditioned buses for a month on trial basis. At present, a ride in a AC bus can cost anywhere between Rs 10 to 25 while the same in non-AC buses are from Rs 5 to Rs 15.

Government has also proposed to make DTC bus travel free for students up to the age of 21 years. Daily bus pass for non-AC buses is currently available for Rs 40 and Rs 50 for AC buses, but government will bring down the rate of both pass services to Rs 20 for one month.

“We are also planning to provide free travel to students of age up to 21 years so that they could be encouraged to use public transport,” official said.

Presently, Delhi Transport Corporation has 4,355 buses while there are 1,600 cluster buses (orange).


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