Kejriwal breaks his silence on reported disqualifications of 20 MLAs


Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Friday took to Twitter to respond to the reports of disqualification of his 20 MLAs by the Election Commission of India in an office of profit case.

20 MLAs
PHOTO: @AamAadmiParty

Taking to Twitter Kejriwal wrote, “When you walk on the path of honesty, you face plenty of hurdles. This is natural. But the visible and invisible forces of the entire universe come together to help you. Even God helps you. Because, you are not working for your own selfish goals, but you are working for the country and the society. History is witness that truth prevails in the end.”

Kejriwal’s reaction came even as the lawyer representing the Election Commission told the High Court that he was unaware of any recommendation being sent to the President of India regarding the disqualifications of 20 AAP MLAs. This was after at least six to seven AAP MLAs moved the Delhi High Court on Friday evening to challenge the reported disqualifications. The judge said that she will resume the hearing on Monday after the EC lawyer informs her about what’s been said in the recommendations made to the President.

The reports of the EC disqualifying 20 MLAs had dominated the media coverage on Friday. AAP alleged that the EC headed by Achal Kumar Joti had acted to please their ‘master’ Prime Minister Narendra Modi just days before the term of the Chief Election Commissioner came to an end.

Saurabh Bharadwaj, the AAP MLA from Greater Kailash, told reporters that Joti wanted to please Modi before the former celebrated his 65th birthday on 23 January. His party colleague, Raghav Chadha, accused Joti of working at the behest of his former boss Modi, who he had served as the chief secretary in Gujarat for ’15 years.’

Kejriwal is accused of having appointed 21 of his MLAs as parliamentary secretaries soon after he led his party to a historic win in the Delhi assembly polls. His party said that it was to help the ministers carry out their duties more effectively on key projects benefitting ordinary public.

But, the Congress had challenged the appointment alleging that the appointment was in contravention of the constitutional guidelines and it amounted to office of profit. The High Court in 2016 had struck down their appointments terming them illegal.


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