Kejriwal, AAP “busy saving their errant ministers & MLAs”: Vijender Gupta


Vijender Gupta, Leader of Opposition in Delhi Assembly today accused the AAP government in Delhi of failing to take steps to curb price rise in food items, medicines as well as power and water tariff in the city.

Gupta alleged that people of Delhi were suffering due to the AAP government’s failure to check rising prices of essential commodities. Gupta has demanded a special task force of ministers and bureaucrats to assess the situation and take necessary actions.

“This government has nothing to do with issues of public good. It has formulated a strategy to blame the central government for all its failures and shortcomings from the very beginning. As a consequence, instead of working in bonhomie with the central government it is looking for reasons to come in direct confrontation with the Centre,” he alleged.

On the issue of rising prices, Gupta said, “On one hand the Delhi government cannot stop blowing its own trumpet of completing 100 days, while on the other hand, the people of Delhi are reeling under pressure of inflation, increase in the power and water tariff and fundamental problems in the city.”

He further accused Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, his cabinet and AAP MLAs of being “busy saving their errant ministers and MLAs”.


  1. Look whose BARKING !!

    Guess the shameless defeat in Delhi Elections wasn’t enuf….

    This pathetic BJP MLA wants MORE INSULT !!


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