#KatjuOnJantaKaReporter Part1: ‘Greedy and immoral’ Indian media owners should instead do robbery and smuggling


Former Supreme Court Judge, Justice Markandey Katju has lashed out at Indian media owners for their ‘greed’ to earn money by throwing the ‘ethics’ out of window.

In his most hard-hitting EXCLUSIVE interview yet, Justice Katju said that the Indian media had been taken over by the corporates and it had forgotten its role of helping the Indian society make smooth transition from  feudal system to modernity.

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He called the media owners ‘immoral and bereft of ethics’ adding that they should instead do robbery and become smugglers.

He said, “Then they should do robbery and smuggling. If the money is everything for them and morality and ethics mean nothing, then let the media owners become smugglers. Let them become prostitutes. They will earn more money there. General VK Singh was right when he called media presstitutes.”

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Justice Katju also talked about Bihar elections, the killings of Dalit children in Haryana, writers’ protests on growing intolerance in India.

Please watch the first part of #KatjuOnJantaKaReporter here. We will be posting remaining parts later.

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