Almost all Indian politicians are ‘goondas’ & gangsters: Katju


Justice Markandey Katju

Almost all Indian politicians are ‘goondas’ and gangsters. They remind me of the American Mafia, the only difference being that the American Mafia are small fries compared to our politicians.

Like the American Mafia, our politicians are hell bent on amassing wealth by hook or crook (more often by crook) and I wish them happy hunting.

However, I have an advice to give to our politicians, which may benefit them enormously, if heeded.

In the early 20th century the American Mafia leaders were fighting with each other, as a result of which ‘business’ (i.e. manufacture and sale of alcohol, which had been made illegal by the Prohibition law, gambling, prostitution, racketeering, murder of ‘undesirables’, narcotics etc.) suffered a lot.

Then in 1931, a mafia leader called Charles ‘Lucky’ Luciano had a brilliant idea. He told the other mafia leaders that fighting each other was bad for business. So he proposed a body called the ‘Commission’ consisting of some top mafia leaders whose job would be to peacefully settle disputes between the mafia families.

I propose that a similar body be set up in India too for our politicians.

At present, much of the time spent by our politicians is on fighting each other. This way ‘business’ (i.e. looting the country, polarising society on caste and religious lines, etc.) suffers a lot.

Let a ‘commission’ be set up by our politicians (the membership and modalities can be worked out once the principle is agreed upon). This way disputes can be settled quietly and confidentially, instead of in the public gaze. The commission should also have power to authorise (as the American mafia has) of bumping off inconvenient politicians and other public figures, and persons who talk too much of rationalism (like this humble self), freedom of speech, etc.

(This post first appeared on Justice Katju’s blog page)


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