Kathua gang-rape: Governor promulgates ordinance on death to child rapists


Jammu and Kashmir governor, NN Vohra has promulgated an ordinance on awarding death sentence to child rapists.

Two rape accused

The ordinance came in view of the surge in violence against women in general and children in particular across the country including the State of Jammu and Kashmir, reported Kashmir Digest.

The Jammu and Kashmir Criminal Law (Amendment) Ordinance, 2018 seeks to amend: (i) the Ranbir Penal Code, Samvat, 1989; (ii) the Code of Criminal Procedure Samvat 1989; and (iii) the Evidence Act, Samvat, 1977.

The salient features of the aforesaid Ordinance include: (i) Committing Rape on a woman under sixteen years of age has been made punishable with rigorous imprisonment for twenty years and may extend to life sentence, which shall mean remainder of that person’s natural life; (ii) Committing Rape on a woman under twelve years of age has been made punishable with death sentence; (iii)     Gang Rape on a woman under sixteen years of age has been made punishable with imprisonment for life, which shall mean imprisonment for the remainder of that person’s natural life; (iv)     Gang Rape on woman under twelve years of age has been made punishable with death sentence; (v)      Investigation in such cases is to be completed within a period of two months; (vi)     Trial to be completed within six months and reasons for any delay shall need to be communicated to the High Court; and vii)   It has been provided that no Bail shall be granted without hearing the Public Prosecutor.

The salient features of the Jammu and Kashmir Protection of Children from Sexual Violence Ordinance, 2018 are:

(i) It is a comprehensive Legislation which, inter-alia, provides for protection of Children from offenses of sexual assault, sexual harassment and pornography with due regard for safeguarding the interest of the child and the well being of a child at every stage of the judicial process; (ii) it provides for alternative punishment for an act or omission constituting an offence under the Ordinance and also under various provisions of the State Penal Code relating to sexual assault. (iii) The Ordinance contains provisions relating to child friendly procedures and reporting, recording of evidence, investigation and trial of offences; (iv) It also provides for provisions relating to establishment of Special Courts for speedy trial of such offences; and (v) it makes it mandatory for the educational institutions to ensure safety and protection of children and not to expose them to any kind of sexual abuse.

The gang-rape of an 8-year-old child in Kathua had sent shockwaves across the world. At least two BJP ministers from the state government had attended a pro-rapist rally taken out by the members of Hindutva brigade.

The second ordinance is similar to POCSO providing relief to children from sexual assault and harassment and pornography, reported Indian Express. Child friendly-procedures, sensitive reporting by media, recording of evidence, investigation of cases and trial of offences have been provided in the ordinance.


  1. The intention to punish culprits may be good but death penalty may not be the answer to the heinous crimes of rapes


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