BJP spokesperson calls Kashmiri panelist ‘suwar ke dalal’ and Shabnam Lone ‘terrorist’s daughter’ on live TV


A prominent BJP spokesperson on Monday night called a Kashmiri panelist ‘suwar ke dalal’ and woman Supreme Court lawyer, Shabnam Lone, daughter of terrorist on a live TV.

suwar ke dalal

Prem Shukla, known for his controversial remarks, was an aggressive man all throughout the show broadcast on News18 India channel on Monday night. The panelists included Shabnam Lone, Prem Shukla, Congress spokesperson, Priyanka Chaturvedi, Kashmiri social activist, Irfan Hafiz Lone, and pro-RSS former army officer, Maj Gen GD Bakshi among others.

The show, hosted by Sumit Awasthi, was titled as ‘Whether the Hurriyat leader Geelani should be declared a terrorist.’

Shukla, in one of his tirades targetted against the two Kashmiri panelists, lost cool and called Hafiz Lone what could be loosely translated as ‘pimp of Pakistani pig’ while addressing the woman Supreme Court lawyer as ‘aatankwadi ki beti.’

Shukla did not stop here. His other abuses meant for Kashmiri panelists included ‘Pakistan ke tukdo par jeene wale log and Pakistan ke talbe chaatne wale log (People who survive on alms received from Pakistan and boot-lickers of Pakistan).’

While Shukla stooped to new low with his racist, misogynist and abusive jibes, the show’s host remained a mute spectator and did not feel the need to intervene in order to bring the sanity on the live programme. Perhaps, he enjoyed the spectacle hoping that such shenanigan, however disgusting it sounded and looked, will contribute to his show’s TRP.

Feeling helpless, Shabnam had to then shout at Shukla asking him to ‘shut up.’ But even this did not prompt the show’s anchor to intervene.

News18 is part of the Network18 media group, now owned by Mukesh Ambani.

Shabnam, whose brother, Sajjad Lone, is a minister in the BJP-PDP government in Jammu and Kashmir, later took to Twitter to express her angst. She wrote, “Prem Shukla of BJP uses cuss words Pakistani pigs 4kashmiris PDP Sajad lone Imran ansari bukharis naeems U answer. My brother sajad lone is minister ally of BJP & BJP prem shukla calls Me betiI of terrorist. BJP why ally with lone. (sic)”

Chaturvedi, for her part, said that this was a new low on Indian television. Writing on the microblogging site Twitter, the Congress spokesperson said, “BJP spokesperson just called a Kashmiri panelist ‘suar ke dalal’& Shabnam Lone ‘Aatankwadi ki beti’. Panel discussion falls to a new low. So as per the BJP logic that makes Sajjad Lone, their minister&alliance partner in govt, ‘aatankwadi ka beta’. Hypocrisy unlimited of BJP. (sic)”

Chaturvedi told Janta Ka Reporter, “Disagreement and debate is essence of democracy but using unparliamentary language to make one’s point needs to be denounced unequivocally. What or who rather can be a bigger hypocrisy than the BJP when they have Sajjad Lone in their cabinet in Kashmir government whike their spokesperson call his sister aatankwadi ki beti. If this is not denounced by the BJP I can safely presume that this is what BJP stands for, i.e. abusing fellow Indians and using words that offend with the sole aim to hide their own contradictions and glaring hypocrisy.”

A remorseless BJP spokesperson later responded to Chaturvedi’s tweet hurling more disparaging words, this time targetting the Congress leader. Shukla wrote, “Ma’m get ur ears cleaned, I said ‘पाकिस्तानी सूअर के दलाल’ . Why so much affection for Pak & Pro Pak brigade ? (sic)”

Meanwhile, it seems News18 India has removed the video link to Monday night’s TV programme. Clicking on the link tweeted by Awasthi says ‘page nahi mila (Page not found).’

BJP is current a government partner of the PDP in Jammu and Kashmir. Sajjad Lone, who had successfully contested the last assembly elections as an independent candidate later supported the coalition government and was made a minister.

Indian TV channels have become notorious for its incredibly low standard and using the medium to spread hatred and bigotry to suit the government agenda. As Chaturvedi pointed out, Monday was just another low.



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