Kashmiri militants play cricket using AK-47 as wicket, video goes viral


A video of Kashmiri militants playing cricket while using AK-47 as wickets has gone viral on social media platforms.

kashmiri militants play cricket

In the video, few armed militants can be seen playing cricket in an orchard as a song in Urdu is loudly played in the background.

The video, according to some reports, was shot in south Kashmir. The militants in the video allegedly belong to Hizbul Mujahideen.

This comes just days after terrorists in Kashmir killed seven Amarnath pilgrims.

In April, police in the state had detained local cricket players of the Baba Darya Ud Din (a revered sufi saint) club team for singing Pakistani national anthem.

The video of the team wearing Pakistani team jersey and singing the their national anthem before a local cricket match had gone viral on social media platforms.


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