Family denied accommodation by Delhi hotels, said guests from Pakistan, Afghanistan and Jammu and Kashmir not allowed


In a shocking development, a family with a lady was denied accommodation by three Delhi hotels because they were from Jammu and Kashmir. Left with no option, they were forced to spend night at a railway station.

Arif, contacted’s editor-in-chief, Rifat Jawaid on twitter seeking desperate help as he was travelling with a lady (his sister).

He said, “I’m from Jammu. I’m travelling with my sister and brother-in-law.We returned from Agra late night and went to Paharganj for accommodation as we had a morning train for Uttrakhand.

“But We are not getting accommodation. We went to three hotels. One of them was Mahalaxmi in Paharganj (near New Delhi Railway Station). They looked at our identity cards and said that they could not give us accommodation because we were from Jammu and Kashmir. I showed them my driving licence, voter’s ID and my brother-in-law’s Canara Bank ID. But to no avail. Now we have no option but to spend our night at the railway station.”

This is what he posted on twitter; spoke to the Mahalaxmi hotel. After several attempts, the manager Joshi came on the phone.

He said that the family in question may have gone to its sister hotel Mahalaxmi guest house, which is few meters away.

Joshi, however, confirmed that the Delhi police had indeed instructed them not to give accommodation to people from Pakistan, Afghanistan and Jammu and Kashmir.

Listen to audio of Rifat Jawaid’s conversation with hotel manager Joshi

He said, “Only yesterday one sipahi had come to our hotel and said that we must not provide accommodation to people from Pakistan, Afghanistan and Jammu and Kashmir. What do we do. But, if you wish, you can send the guests to the hotel right now and we will give them accommodation subject to satisfactory identity checks.”

But, by then it well past 2 in the morning and Arif had moved his family into the railway station’s waiting room. He said that he preferred to stay at the station as there were only few hours left for their train to Uttrakhand.

There is no comment from the Delhi police or the Arvind Kejriwal government yet.

But Arif and his family’s ordeal because of the discriminatory behaviour by Delhi’s hoteliers evoked sharp reactions from twitter users.

Here are some examples.

However, the response to Arif’s SoS from Delhiites cutting across their political ideologies were phenomenal. Within minutes hundreds of tweets were posted each offering to help the family in distress.



  1. This is the right policy. Since there are terrorists who have infiltrated into Delhi thus caution is necessary. It is unfortunate that some people are put to trouble. No risk can be taken.

  2. This drives home the point, that Kashmir is not a part of india, never was a part of india, why would the morons who think they are all terrorists , thus anti-national accommodate them in the capital city of india.

  3. Did they get accommodation in Sisodia’s or Kejri’s house. Any Bangladeshi looking for accommodation also should feel free to knock their doors. We trust our leaders.

    • You bloody cheepoo ..jammu kasmir is not Bangladesh ,,, you joker you and your , masters turned this country to a circus . The people of Jammu kashmir are very much citizen of India , you type of ignorant bastards created such a hypocrcy , by blindly following sick minded leaders , that J&K is in distress, you morn

  4. Now imagine the plight of lakhs of Kashmiri Pandits who were kicked out of the valley. It’s been years now. But thanks to ‘media revolution’ no body cares for them


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