NaMo Brigade founder, arrested for murdering RTI activist seeks ‘refuge’ in pvt hospital


The NaMo Brigade founder, Naresh Shenoy, who was recently arrested for allegedly murdering an RTI activist has asked for medical check-up at a private hospital.

Shenoy has moved an application in a court, Third Judicial Magistrate First Class (JMFC) Mangaluru seeking permission for medical check up in a private hospital.

Police in Karnataka had arrested the founder of NaMo brigade, a youth organisation that was floated to drum up support for Narendra Modi’s bid for prime minister’s job just before 2014 Lok Sabha elections.


The 39-year-old, Naresh Shenoy, an RSS worker, was the prime accused in the 21 March murder of RTI activist Vinayak Baliga in Mangaluru. He was arrested on Sunday afternoon following a three-month hunt by the state police.

His request for a medical check-up at a private hospital was predicted by Narendra Nayak, two days ago. Nayak, a rationalist, who’s been at the forefront to provide justice to Baliga, had predicted this on 28 June.

In his Facebook post, Nayak had said,”We have come to know through reliable sources that measures are afoot to see that he would be comfortably ensconced in a nursing home until he gets bail. He will be diagnosed with ‘renal failure’ or hepatitis at the govt. hospital since that it is a statutory requirement. Following that it will be also certified that facilities for treating the same are not available in the hospital and the ‘patient’ will be shifted there to lead the rest of his time in judicial custody in comfort of a private nursing home. This has been ‘managed’ for a number of ‘eminent’ people including stamp paper scam tainted Telgi, Satyam Raju and many such others!”

Predicting the modus operandi of Shenoy, Nayak had written, “‘Fixing’ a laboratory for Hepatitis B or C positive reports naturally comes at a price! There are many ways of doing that while arranging for such a report is one option, replacing the specimen collected with that of another patient suffering from the particular disease in another one. When specimen come to a laboratory from outside it is just the signature of the referring clinician on the specimen container is taken as a certificate for the genuineness of the sample. If a container with a label and OP number of one patient is made ready in the transit between the specimen collection center and the analyzing laboratory any thing can happen and it does happen. With a pliant clinician and the custodians turning a blind eye one can conveniently make up a story of hepatic failure!”

Nayak had explained that the NaMo Brigade founder’s insistence to spend time in a private hospital and not in jail was to avoid possible custodial interrogation by police.

He said, “Since ‘custodial interrogation’ means torture without leaving any physical marks, complaint can be made about torture and a ‘crush injury’ to muscles. This would involve invisible injuries to muscles and crushing them would cause release of myoglobin which would accumulate in the kidneys and cause renal failure! Well how do you supplement that with laboratory reports? You can either catch one which can be ‘fixed’ or really generate laboratory findings which look like it.

“The clue lies in blood and urine- each has no place with the other! With the patient giving a urine sample with a few drops of blood added surreptitiously and a few drops of urine added to the blood, we can have two reports complementing each other and clinching the diagnosis of renal failure. Of course this would need treatment and if the failure is severe enough dialysis! The govt. medical officer can certify that such facilities are not available in their establishment and recommend shifting the patient to a specialized private hospital! Once that is done the private hospital will see to it that the patient never improves or develops further ‘complications’ until bail is obtained! That is how many politicians facing grave charges manage to keep themselves out of prison.”

Nayak had alleged that the current jailor in Mangalore was notorious for providing such favour to undertrials in the past.



  1. Does the RSS/BJP have an answer to this. Maybe Satyameva Jayate will be able to provide some clues to this incident, or they already have an excuse.


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