Mystery over Bengaluru’s first woman cab driver’s death


She had attained celebrityhood when she became the first woman cab driver in Bengaluru in 2013. And now Veerath Bharathi is in news again but because of her mysterious death.

Several media reports on Tuesday said that the 40-year-old woman cab driver was found dead in her rented house in the city’s northwest suburb.

Police are treating her death as a case of suicide.


Quoting police, Indian Express reported that Bharathi was was one of the first few women cab drivers in the city who had started her career by joining Angel cabs and later on moved to Uber in 2013.

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The Sanjay Nagar police inspector told news agency IANS that Bharathi’s body was found hanging in her room by a cloth-like rope and it appears to be a case of suicide.

Nagar said, “It appears to be a case of suicide, as the victim’s (V. Bharathi) body was found hanging by a cloth-like rope from the ceiling of a room by her landlord on Monday night.”

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Uber said in a statement, “Bharathi was a positive person and one of our top women driver partners. She was an inspiration to many driver partners and riders.”

NDTV report said that Bharathi had moved to Bengaluru from Andhra Pradesh ten years and she lived alone. Her body was found by her landlord, who has told the police that the deceased had informed him that she planned to move back to Andhra soon.

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One of the woman cab driver’s friends told ANI that Bharathi had worked on and she was with them.

“She seemed very okay then. She struggled to be the first woman taxi driver,” said Sumati, her friend.



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