Karnataka CM HD Kumaraswamy faces social media roasting for snapping at protestors because they voted for PM Modi


Karnataka Chief Minister HD Kumaraswamy has faced widespread condemnation after a video of him lashing out at a group of protestors for voting for Prime Minister Narendra Modi in the last month’s elections went viral.

HD Kumaraswamy

According to local TV channels, Kumaraswamy was travelling on a bus with his entourage when a group of protestors in Raichur district blocked his bus. In the viral video, the Karnataka chief minister is seen popping his head out of the window to lash out at the protestors for voting the BJP in the last month’s parliamentary polls.

“You voted for Prime Minister Narendra Modi…” shouted Kumaraswamy angrily. He uttered a few more words in Kannada but they were not audible before the chief minister threatened the protestors with lathi-charge.

“Should I respect you? Do you need to be lathi-charged? You voted for Prime Minister Narendra Modi and you want me to help you,” local media quoted Kumaraswamy as saying.

The video has evoked angry reactions from Kumaraswamy’s political detractors. Karnataka BJP MLA Arvind Limbavali tweeted, “Look at the arrogance of @hd_kumaraswamy. If you cannot listen to the plead of people then who in Karnataka asked you to become the CM ? Kannadigas anyways didn’t vote for you nor did they ask you to be the CM. Do the state a favor by stepping down. You are fit for nothing.”

Reactions from other social media users too were of condemnation.

The chief minister was reportedly on his way to Karegudda as part of his village stay programme.


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