Emotional Kapil Sharma wants ‘brother’ Sunil Grover back


Actor-comedian Kapil Sharma has said that Sunil Grover was like a brother and he could come back to the popular Sony TV show whenever he wished.
kapil sharma sunil grover

During his Facebook Live on Monday, Sharma said, “Sunil is a friend and a brother to me and I even went to meet him. Let’s see. He can come back whenever he wishes… Our controversy was blown out of proportion. They said that I was miffed with my team for eating dinner before me but I came on the same flight. I didn’t jump off some another flight.”

The comedian, who had recently fallen ill after he fainted while shooting the episode with Shah Rukh Khan and Anushka Sharma. A source had said that Sharma fainted due to ongoing stress related to falling TRPs of his show.

The source said that Sharma had been under tremendous stress to maintain the TRP of his show since Sunil Grover walked out following an in-flight brawl.

Sharma had later issued a public apology and even promised to visit Grover’s house. But the differences were far from over.

In May too, Sharma had to cancel his shoot involving Paresh Rawal and others after his sugar level dropped alarmingly.

“All these small unauthorised digital channels do this to gain popularity. However, I do not react to all of this and maybe because they don’t get my reaction that they try to poke me further by publishing new rumours every second day.”

He added, “Everyone goes through bad phases in life, so it’s not true. Moreover, nobody has the original information on what happened. So, if I will ever get a chance I will explain it all.”

He concluded the Facebook Live promising that he will continue with his direct interaction with his audience with more such live streaming in future.

Sharma looked weak and downbeat and the usual oomph was missing from his conversation. He informed that he had now completed the shoot for his upcoming film Firangi.


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