Afzal Guru is not my icon, Rohith Vemula is: Kanhaiya Kumar


JNU Students’ Union leader Kanhaiya Kumar on Friday said that Rohit Vemula and not Afzal Guru was his icon.

Addressing the media a day after his release from Tihar Jail, Kanhaiya said, “Afzal Guru is not my icon, Rohith Vemula is.”

He said that there was a huge difference in committing treason and being anti-government.

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He said, “We strongly condemn what happened on February 9th. It’s for court to decide if that was ‘raaj droh’ or not. But I urge the government not to use serious charge of sedition to ruin future of student,” Kumar said adding he is “a resident of India and not a terrorist.”

Kanhaiya was arrested on 12 February on charges of chating anti-India slogans during an event on 9 February on JNU campus.

He was granted interim bail for six months by the Delhi High Court on Thursday on condition that he will cooperate in the ongoing investigation. He was released from Tihar on Thursday.

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“For me, Afzal Guru was a citizen of the country, who was punished under the law. Whether that punishment was right or wrong, anyone can debate that as the law permits the same.”

On being asked if he will join the politics, Kanhaiya said, “I am not a politician, I am a student, who’s been elected to represent the interests of my fraternity. My task is to study and fight for those who wish to study but are unable to do so. Since the fight is long, there can’t be a victory march but a unity march on that.”

Reacting to remarks that taxpayer’s money was being wasted in running the university, he said “I want to tell the people of the country that the taxes they pay are being invested in the right place.”

To a question, he said “I am against patenting of nationalism and the concept of Akhand Bharat propagated by ABVP and select sections of society.”

(News source: PTI and ANI)


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