Kangana lashes out at Hrithik, Rakesh Roshan and Karan Johar


Actor Kangana Ranaut on Saturday lashed out at actor Hrithik Roshan and his filmmaker father Rakesh Roshan alleging that the Krrish star had made plans to declare her a mentally retard.

In an interview to India TV, the Queen actor said, ” Itni beizzati sahi hui hai jiska koi hisaab nahin hai, raat-raat main roti thi, aur mujhe neend nahin aati thi. Mujhe stress hua, trauma hua, mental, emotional trauma hua, aur har tarak ka mere baare me ghatiya, vaahiyaat mails release kare hue hain, unko aaj bhi lop Google karke padhte hain, chatkhaare lete hain, is badtameezi ke liye maafi chahiye mujhe unse – I faced innumerous slanders, could not sleep at nights and wept, underwent mental stress and emotional trauma, when they released those cheap, slinky e-mails which people still read via Google, they (Rakesh and Hrithik Roshan) must apologise to me in public.”

The three-time National Award winner said that Hrithik had promised to marry her but changed his mind after divorce from his wife Suzanne. She also went into greater detail into the controversy involving her and Hrithik after she addressed him as a ‘silly ex.’

She said, “He (Hrithik) sent me a legal notice seeking apology at a press conference for my twitter about ‘silly ex’. First of all, how did he know that it was he who was the ‘silly ex’? He tweeted back saying, I will date the Pope but not her. He also threatened that he would shame me by releasing intimate pictures and videos about me…

“He (Hrithik) then changed track, and alleged that I had an affair not with him, but with someone else. He said, I had only imagined about being in love with him. Well, one imagines only when one does not meet the other. We were meeting on the sets daily, how do you know that I imagined? So he went to Cyber Crime, and said there was an imposter in between. Till today, he has not revealed who that imposter was. He had a single agenda. I had a relationship with him which ended in 2014.”

Kangana said that Hrithik’s plans failed after he realised that the actor he had declared as failed will go on to become a superstar with Queen and Tanu Weds Manu.

“If he had so much problem with me, why would he dance at my birthday parties by rolling out on the floor,” she asked.

Kangana recently brought to the fore the controversy with Hrithik, which hit headlines last year, after she called him her “silly ex” in an interview, followed by the two actors slapping legal notices on each other.

During her recent appearance on TV show “Aap Ki Adalat”, the “Queen” actor said Hrithik, who she has starred opposite in “Krrish 3” and “Kites”, should apologise to her publicly.

“When you’re shooting for a film and you do interviews people say you don’t have work? And when during promotions you do interviews, then people say you are talking. So, how do I live?,” she told reporters at an event here when asked if her statement was a ‘promotional stunt’.

She would be next seen in Hansal Mehta’s “Simran”.

When quizzed further if it was required to talk about Hrithik on the show, she said she wouldn’t refrain from talking about the controversies if she was asked.

“I have been asked about Aditya Pancholi (whom she dated in the past), I was 16 then and now I am 30-year-old.

What to do now… If I give an answer then it is a problem, if I don’t give an answer then again it is a problem).

“I will answer whenever I am asked… It’s better not to call me for interviews so that everyone will be quiet and then there will be no problem.”

She said it was her film’s producer, who pushed her to go on the show.

“It was my producer’s idea to go to ‘Aap Ki Adalat’. I didn’t want to go there… Rajat sir (show’s anchor) has been calling me for last three years. Then my producer told me ‘why are you not going, are you afraid?’ So I was like, ‘I should go’,” she said.


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