Kamal Haasan says Panneerselvam doing well, now wants other actors to take stand


Actor Kamal Haasan on Wednesday took to Twitter to urge Tamil actors to take a stand and speak up even as the state remains amidst serious political crisis.

Haasan’s statements came as he appeared to throw his weight behind the acting chief minister, O Panneerselvam, saying that he was doing well for Tamil Nadu.

kamal haasan panneerselvam

In a series of tweets, the veteran actor wrote, “We’ve wasted our freedom years gambling our fanchise on wrong& corrupt politicians. Let’s stop blaming them Lets become incorruptable.”

In a separate tweet, where he tagged actor R Madhavan, he urged members of Tamil film industry to take a stand in the ongoing political crisis.

He wrote, “plsTalk on crisis inTN.We have a voice with decible levels not conducive 2 bad politics U can also diagree.but do it loud pls”

Madhavan wasted no time in responding to Haasan’s tweets.

He wrote, “Sir we have always discussed how TN should be the BEST state in the world leave alone India.with the talent and potential we have we are. we should have been an example to the world.all it needs is the right intent and the right leadership to harness that volcanic expertise.

“This is the time to make sure that we nudge it in the right direction..the whole state needs to believe that and make themselves heard and I am very sure that will happen as this the Right time.. speak up folks .. this is YOUR time to be heard.”

Haasan’s statement supporting Panneerselvam and urging other actors to also take a stand assumes significance in light of his clout in Tamil politics.

Not so long ago, his Biryani remarks on Jallikattu had prompted local population to organise a massive protest in Chennai, forcing the government to issue an ordinance against the Supreme Court order.

Panneerselvam on Tuesday night had raised the banner of revolt against Sasikala, saying he was forced to resign from his post and asserted that only a person desired by both the people and cadres should succeed him in the government and take charge of the party.

Soon after breaking a 40-minute long meditation in front of the burial site of late Jayalalithaa at Marina beach here, close to 10 PM, he said he was insulted and forced to resign to pave the way for elevation of Sasikala as Chief Minister.

Panneerselvam said he was told he should quit as CM to protect the party’s discipline and that if he did not do so, it would be a violation of party discipline.


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