Justice Thakur has unquestionable integrity, but wrong for him to praise AAP’s odd-even car system


Justice Markandey Katju

I regard the present Chief Justice of India as a good man. I was his Chief Justice when I was CJ of Delhi High Court, and he was a puisne Judge there.

There was never any complaint against his integrity or competence.

But I am sorry, he has started off his tenure as CJI on a wrong note by praising the odd even car system proposed by AAP. Where was the need for saying this ? Many people doubt the efficacy of the system, and what if the system is challenged in Court ? Will it not create embarrassment for the Judge hearing the case when the head of the judiciary has praised it?

Justice Thakur could have made a general statement that something should be done for reducing air pollution in Delhi, but he should not have gone into specifics.

Arvind Kejriwal, like a seasoned politician, has jumped at the opportunity,and taking advantage of Thakur’s indiscrete statement tweeted;

” CJI’s support 2 odd even formula is welcome n huge encouragement. SC judges pooling cars wud inspire millions 2 follow. Thank u My Lords.”

Justice Katju is a former Supreme Court Judge and views expressed here are his own


  1. Mr.katju, it seems that you think yourself as the most intelligent and upright person and your comments will be taken seriously but sorry sir, you have lost your mind and that is why can’t appreciate some good measures. Instead of giving useless comments, I is better if u give some tested measures to reduce pollution. People like you don’t want to leave small of your comforts but if others do something,u people start barkng


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