दिल्ली रोई, यू पी रोया, रोया हिंदुस्तान


Justice Markandey Katju

Pyaaz 80 rupees a kilo, Arhar Dal above 100 rupees a kilo, vegetable prices sky high,  Sensex dives 1600 points, rupee falls below 66 for a dollar.

The most ominous thing for the government is that housewives in many cities of India are demonstrating on the road against high prices of foodstuffs, like the women of Paris who marched to Versailles in October 1789 during the French Revolution (see online).

And  Union Minister Narendra Tomar says B.J.P or Modi.had never said achche din are coming!

Narayan Narayan

(On Onion crisis Justice Katju had written the following blog on 23 August)

This reminds one of the situation in Paris before the French Revolution of 1789

Hunger haunted the city, and bread shortages constantly loomed over the population. Thieves often stole grain shipped into the city before it even arrived, and in the early summer of 1789, bread riots broke out.

Because the thousands of workers’ salaries could not possibly keep pace with soaring prices, workers began wrecking factories and burning property.

In Dickens’ novel ‘ A Tale of Two Cities’ in the very beginning there is a scene where someone is taking a cart carrying barrels of wine through a street in Paris. One of the barrels falls down and breaks, spilling red wine on the street. A crowd of hungry people rush to this spot and with their hands start scooping up wine from the street into their mouths. One man dips his hands into the red wine and writes on the nearby wall ”BLOOD’. This is symbolic of the times to come where blood will flow on guillotine.

Are such times coming in India, with 80% of our people living in horrible poverty, with massive unemployment, price rise, total lack of healthcare, massive malnourishment, farmers suicides and huge corruption ? How long will the people tolerate our politicians most of whom are rogues and rascals who have shamelessly looted the country ?
Is a French Revolution coming in India?

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  1. Reality strikes to Bhakts and people of india.
    I remember people use is to say “If modi was in power, he will fix pakistan, corruption and economy”.
    now is the time to rethink what we said a year ago for UPA and real test for modi to put faith back to the people (31%) who voted for him.


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