Justice Katju’s ‘eunuchs’ jibe against Modi government on lack of action against Pakistan


Renowned former Supreme Court judge, Justice Markandey Katju, has hit out at the Cntre’s Narendra Modi government for lack of tangible action against Pakistan following the terror attack in Uri, resulting in the killings of 18 Indian soldiers.

Terming the members of the Indian government as ‘eunuchs,’ Justice Katju wrote on his Facebook page, “After the Uri attack people asked me what can/should the Indian govt do in response? Well I will tell you. They should keep doing kadi ninda. That is all these eunuchs are capable off. But what after that ? There should be some action too.
Aur kadi ninda. Words are also action. (sic)”

In a separate tweet, Katju said, “Action, Mr. Modi, action Not just talk. Show your 56″ chest.”

Modi government’s condemnation (ninda) of the terror attacks in Uri was widely hailed by the pro-government media outlets as sign of Centre’s strong resolve. This had become a butt of jokes on social media platforms. That’s because Modi, during the run up to Lok Sabha polls, had launched series of attacks on the then Manmohan Singh government for allegedly being soft on Pakistan.

Several of his old videos as opposition leader have now gone viral on social media, causing him considerable embarrassment.

Continuing with his sarcasm against the Modi government, Justice Katju wrote, “Did our woman representative at the U.N. not condemn Pakistan in the strongest terms? And then?
Abuses, filthy abuses, at that rogue state e.g. calling them B.C. , M.C. etc. Some of the choicest abuses are available in Hindustani. And if you are still not content with that, speak to Nitin Gadkari.

“He had once had said that this is not the Govt. of Manmohan Singh. Well prove it, Mr. Gadkari. Let us have a military strike against Pakistan, or cutting off the Indus water, or some other such act. Action Mr. Gadkari, action, action is what Indians want, not just words.”



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