A judge who headed inquiry commission to probe riots once said ‘Muslims will never change’: Rajdeep Sardesai


Journalist Rajdeep Sardesai has revealed that a judge from Gujarat had once told him that Muslims in India would never change and they deserved the treatment meted out to them during the pogrom in 2002.

Sardesai, who’s now a consulting editor with India Today, made the revelation while attending the book launch of journalist Rana Ayyub’s new book ‘Gujarat Files,’ reports Jansatta.

Sardesai said that the judge made the comments in reference to Gujarat riots.


According to him the judge had said, “Yeh jo Mussalman hai, voh badlega nahi. Iske saath yahi hona tha. These Muslims will never change. This was bound to happen to them.)”

Sardesai said that he wished he ad a camera to record the judge’s comments adding the same judge had also headed two inquiry commissions on communal riots.

“On one occasion he (the judge) was appointed to head the commission by Congress while on the other occasion by the BJP, ” Sardesai said.

Rana Ayyub’s book was launched on Friday in Delhi and among those who attended the event included Sardesai, journalist Hartosh Sigh Bal and Supreme Court lawyer, Indira Jaising.

Bal said, “This judge had acquitted the accused in (Delhi’s) Trilokpuri riots by saying that they had not killed women. ”

Jaising, lawyer in Ishrat Jahan’s murder case, said that the expose in Ayyub’s book had authenticated what was revealed in the CBI inquiry.

Ayyub in her book, ‘Gujarat Files- Anatomy of a cover-up,’ has claimed that many officials had confessed to political pressure in 2002 anti-Muslim riots and the subsequent fake encounters.

Ayyub said that she had also recorded the statement of Narendra Modi, who was then the state’s chief minister. The former Tehelka journalist said that she had done so by a spy camera installed in her watch.

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