Journey of a child from HUMAN BEING to BEING HUMAN


Arshi Alvi

Today’s world scenario seems to be pale and bleak and its all due to much of corruption, exploitation, merciless killings, terrorism, rampant casteism and communalism, pollution, global unrest, mutual hatred and a total crisis of character.

Man, machine and money are the modern-day trinity. Morality is a casualty. Inflicting untold miseries and sufferings of our fellow human beings are the rule of the day.

All this needs to be reformed. And for reformation to take effective shape, we need to work and design something, which could help us bring our world back in its shape and who else could do this job better than our future generations, our children, because today’s child is tomorrow’s future. We all want our future to be bright and shinning, don’t we?
We as parents, want our child to excel in all fields, outshine every other students and become a genius in all subjects. As teachers we expect our students to know everything and even the educationist have brought up many great ideas and instruments to impart education in better and interesting ways.

Sure, they’ve introduced innovative methods such as smart classes, internet facilities, teach next classes and many other creative tools to make the education interactive and fun fille.

But unfortunately we all have neglected one very aspect of education. That should have been the foundation of every student’s education and character. The great goal of education is not to cosmetically furnish the minds to produce doctors and engineers but to develop the sense of right, duty, honour, love of God and humanity.

These qualities essentially enable the child to cultivate few priceless virtues of life such as the values of Unconditional Love, Empathetic Attitude and Compassionate Heart. This, if inculcated in our children’s  attitude very early in their life can have magical effect on them.

MORAL EDUCATION can do wonders by bringing up the character of an individual, which stays with the person all through his/her life and reflects in his attitude, actions and while taking important decisions.

The sole purpose of education is to develop a sound mind in a sound body, to teach virtues of oneness, decency in public life, good manners and behaviour and so on.

Parents or teachers don’t stay with the child all through their life, so we should give them something which stays with them all throughout particularly even when they are on their own. A fear of GOD is something which, in fact, makes one person different from the others and help them distinguish RIGHT from WRONG.

A child must be taught to acquire self­ knowledge about what is his true place in the universe and his true relation with God. A child should be taught about the various golden moral values and virtues. All these gems of beautiful values will adorn the bright and glittering personality of a child.

Irrespective of any religion because I believe every religion teaches us to walk on the right path, do good, love everyone, do justice, avoid violence, stop merciless killings among others. Religious divides should be kept at bay and basic idea should be to infuse good moral  and ethical values, which in turn, a child from HUMAN BEING to BEING HUMAN.

NOTE: Views expressed are the author’s own. Janta Ka Reporter does not endorse any of the views, facts, incidents mentioned in this piece.


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