Journalists kidnapped, thrashed and had their camera broken by sand Mafia in Madhya Pradesh


In a shocking development, two journalists working for a regional TV channel were kidnapped, beaten and and had their camera smashed by sand mafia in Madhya Pradesh on Saturday night.

According to Times of India, reporter Prashant Dubey and his cameraman Azad Sirviya were attacked by goons in Hoshangabad district of Madhya Pradesh.

The two journalists were attacked while filming the illegal mining near Neemsadia village around 8.30 pm when mining mafias abducted them on knife point.

The local administration and politicians are believed to be colluding with the mafia in the area.

The police raided the place and managed to free the journalists but the criminals had enough time to remove heavy machinery from the spot to ensure there was no evidence left against them.

District collector Sanket Bhondwe has promised a strong action in the case, but the past incidents show that no coercive steps have ever been taken against the criminals in similar cases involving sand mafia.

On Sunday the senior Congress leader Digvijay Singh tweeted expressing his concern on the attack against Sahara Samay journalists.

Singh alleged that the sand mafia in Madhya Pradesh enjoyed protection from the senior BJP leaders and asked the state Congress leadership to launch an agitation against the rampant corruption.


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